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Approval of Ethiopia Project

World Development Foundation won a global bid floated by Ministry of Communication and IT, Federal Republic of Ethiopia, for supply, installation and commissioning of 700 Watt, seven Community Radio Stations in different parts of Ethiopia. This involved Survey of sites, system design, building modification and acoustics of studios, supply of equipment by resourcing from India and many parts of world including USA, Italy and Spain, installation, commissioning and training for program prodduction and operation. Initially an order for six was released which for further increased for one more station.
A copy of the initial order is produced below.

Approval of MCIT Ethiopia

Map of Republic of Ethiopia where Community Radio were established

The most remote places were chosen for socio-economic development of populace in these locations for increasing their participation in governance and also helping increase their economic conditions. the location of places are shown in the map below.

CRSs in Ethiopia
Places in Ethiopia where Community Radios were established for the Ethiopian Government under the leadership of Aprajita Srivastava, Project Director

Installation & Commissionining of CRSs

General manager, World Development Foundation reached Ethiopia on 10th March 2015 for system planning and forward logistics. A team of three experts from WDF reached Ethiopia on 29th June 2015 for final installation and commissioning. The work was done with the assistance and coordination of local people. MCIT, Govt of Ethiopia provided the assistance of two engineers. The installation of the CRSs, tower, office including acoustics was done during July and August 2015. Roughly one week time took in I&C and handing over at each station. The installations are shown below.

WDF Board at each station
World Development Foundation installation Board at each station

CRS at Ari woreda (Debub Omo)
CRS at Ari woreda (Debub Omo) with 700 Watt Transmitter

CRS at Dilo (Borana)
CRS at Dilo (Borana) with 700 Watt Transmitter

CRS at Chewaka (Illubabor)
CRS at Chewaka (Illubabor) with 700 Watt Transmitter

Identical racks with Transmitter(700 watts) and Processor

Applauds for excellence and fastest completion

e-news Indian Embassy e-news Indian Embassy

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Coverage in Embassy of India in Ethiopia News and official letter from HE Ambassdor of Inia in Ethiopia

Applauds Applauds


Project Implementation

Sourcing from Italy

For this project, Transmitter, antenna system and Cable (RFS) were procured from DB/DM Broadcast, Italy. Few pictures of Transmitter and other system inspections (in Italy from 17/12/2014 to 21/12/2014) are shown below:

Inspection at Factory site of DB Italy

inspections (in Italy from 17/12/2014 to 21/12/2014)-1 inspections (in Italy from 17/12/2014 to 21/12/2014)-2 inspections (in Italy from 17/12/2014 to 21/12/2014)-3
Inspection at Factory site of DB Italy by Dr Srivastava and Shri Dashrath from 17/12/2014 to 21/12/2014

Dispatch of transmission system from Factory site of DB Italy

Packed Transmitters seven numbers Packed Antenna and cable sets
Packed material at Factory site of DB Italy ready for dispatch to Ethiopia

Sourcing from India

High quality acoustic panels with 30 mm HD Glasswool, fabric and wood were designed by World Development Foundation. Few pictures of panels and other furnitures are shown below: acoustic panels office tables
Panels, Technical furniture, fabricated in India

Packing, dispatch and loading of Community Radio Broadcast Equipment from India for shipping to ethiopia

packing Diesel generators generators and tower material generators on crane material dispatch material dispatch to ICD ICD container of 40 feet material in warehouse of ICD Loading in ICD container
The goods from India were transported from WDF Bhawan to ICD Tughlakabad and then from there to Mumbai sea port using Rail transportation system. From Mumbai port goods were sent to Comet dry port using Ethiopian Shipping line

Shipped by Ethiopian Shipping line


Installation and Commissioning

General Manager, WDF proceeded to Addis Ababa for installation on 10th March 2015 and visited different sites for CRS and made the LOP as shown below:

Adola Rede site Adola Rede surrounding Room at Finote Selam Finote Selam surrounding Building at Illubabor Illubabor surrounding Room at Semera Semera surrounding

Common LOP for all the sites

Common Accoustic LOP
Common Accoustic Design for CRSs, Ethiopia


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Flag of Ethiopia
National Flag of Republic of Ethiopia

afbiz.jpg coverage
Coverage in the International journal afbiz for establishment of Community Radios for the Ethiopian Government of Ethiopia

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