Community Radio at Dilo Borana, Ethiopia
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Complete FM Radio Station Package Equipment by World Development Foundation

Product Description Radio Studio 1 kW FM Equipment package or Turnkey Solution
FM Radio Station Package offers Professional grade, high quality FM broadcast system to start your own Radio Station at competitive price. This system contains all the equipment needed to start broadcasting.

Note: The package does not include freight, taxes at the destination, installation and commissioning


Studio Equipment Qty.
8 Channel On-line cum Production Mixing Console 1
Audio Portable Digital Recorders 2
CD/MP3 Players 2
Desktop PCs with audio production and radio playlist software 3
Monitors, Keyboards, etc. 3 set
Phone in Console, one chanel 1
Dual Cassette / CD Recorder 1
FM Receiver 1
Studio Monitor Speakers 2 pair
Cardioid condenser Microphones 1
Dynamic Microphones 3
Studio Headphones 2
Headphone Amplifier 1
Transmitter Rack 1
Tall Mic Stand 1
Table Mic Stands 2
Cables and Connectors 1 lot
Recordable CDs 100 pack 1

Transmission Equipment Qty.
1KW FM Transmitter 1
Wideband Dipole Antennas, N, with clamps 1 set
Power Divider in 7/16 out 4 ways N with 4 1.4″ N/N conn. 1 set
50 Ohm 1.2″ Coaxial Cable 40 meter
FM processor 1
Material for tower (guyed) 20 meters complete 1 lot
Voltage Stabilizer 3 kW (single phase) 1
10 KVA Diesel Generator 1

Technical furniture Qty.
Announcer table 1
Discussion table 1
revolving chairs 5

Acoustics Qty.
Acoustic material LF 24 sq mtr
Acoustic material for mid and high frequency 48 sq mtr
False ceiling (tiles with channel) 48 sq mtr
Flooring material (PVC carpet with glue) 48 sq mtr

Note-1: Transmitter specification: (A top of the range 1000 Watt FM stereo transmitter, broadband FM dipole antennas, which provide sufficient power to broadcast to a range of 30-50km (depending on the height of the antenna/site, noise, and the terrain of the local area), 87.5 to 108 MHz in 10 kHz steps (Fully adjustable to the whole FM-band through menu), Analog and/or AES Up to 192 kb/s @ 16, 24, 32 bits)
Note-2: Material with tower:with aviation light, lightening arrestor, earthing material (Guyed Lattice Mast, 20 meters, Wired design, Galvanized steel, Red & white painted, Including sufficient foundation material for mast & guy wires, guy wires & mounting supplies, lightning arrester & grounding, red flash lamp on top with cable.

Price USD 80,000/ (Eighty Thousand only)

Extras (optional) Equipment installation, Training and Technical Services for Community Radio and Commercial Radio to be charged extra as per site location.


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